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Passion, Experience, Technology


Tecnologies and


Our passion drive us to explore new eco-sustainable and eco-friendly technology and push the boundaries of innovation in this areas. The class of the construction and the technologies applied, together with quality of materials handled by qualified work force only assure to the villas low costs and durability also thanks to the use of photovoltaic energy, batteries and living roof.
The techological solution at the base of the villas project are focused on:

– design and development of personalized and customized residential proprieties.

– innovative modular solution to incrase flexibility in customization and personalization.

– application of eco-sustainable living solution.

– fully conceptualized and finished to European standards, installed by best practices.

  • 1 Architectural designs and master plan made by Italian architects firm to the state of the art.
  • 2 Structural engineering according to Dominican antisismic regulations, geographic location and clima condition.
  • 3 Electricity system blueprint done according to European standards apply to Dominican’s regulations.
  • 4 Implementation of green renewable energy by expert and specialised Italian company.
  • 5 Hydric system blueprint done according to European standards apply to Dominican’s regulations.
  • 6 Full design in grate details of cooking areas by Italian leading company.
  • 7 Supervision of construction site by architects and engineers
  • 8 Payment and handle of all Governmental taxes payment (Ayuntamento, CODIA, Turismo Ambiente, Coraplata)
  • 9 Handling the permits request for construction to Governmental (Ayuntamento, CODIA, Turismo Ambiente, Coraplata) to obtain construction permits. 10 Providing all documents over propriety’s legal status and assisting the transference of propriety according to Dominican laws.

Villa Mango

Villa Avocado

Villa Papaya

Villa Tamarindo

Villa Mandarino